TW Hose Couplings MKX … SS

With Spannfix or Spannloc clamps. Optionally with cap / plug and stainless steel chain. Optionally male coupler with yellow protection ring (‘K-Ring’).


TW Couplings EN 14420-6

The classical tank truck coupling for use with chemicals, of stainless steel 1.4408 – optionally with coating or lining for parts in contact with the medium.

Available in sizes 50mm ·  80mm ·  100mm

MB = dust cap / VB = dust plug

VK = male coupler / MK = female coupler

Safe, rugged and self-tightening System. Decades ago we co-developed this coupling system which is now standardised and, due to its technical advantages, growing in popularity in various countries.

Quality features : 100% dimensions checked with exact measuring equipment thus reliable functioning, compliance with prescribed material specifications, free of shrink holes, electro-polished surface, high wear resistance.

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